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Julie Dawson

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Affiliated Researcher (Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow)

Julie Dawson is the former Head of Conservation and Scientific Research at the Fitzwilliam Museum (retired May 2021) and was co-lead with Helen Strudwick on the Egyptian Coffins Project from 2014. She is an archaeological conservator with particular interests in the technology and conservation of ancient Egyptian material. In addition to her role at the Fitzwilliam, she has worked in Egypt, in the tomb of Senneferi (TT99) at Luxor with Helen and Nigel Strudwick (1993-2001) and, from 2007, as co-leader of the coffin conservation project at Amarna. Julie’s focus in the Fitzwilliam’s project is construction and decoration techniques, reuse and recycling of materials to make new coffins and the investigation through computed tomography (CT) and microCT scanning.

In 2021 Julie was awarded a Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship for two years to continue her research on Egyptian coffins and she is now an Affiliated Researcher at the Fitzwilliam. This is enabling Julie’s continued contribution to the project as a whole, enhancing the online resource, as well as following up on two distinct research strands that help open up our understanding of Egyptian society, economy and religion:

  1. Studies of coffin reuse (including our own) have concentrated on the late-20th to 21st Dynasty (1090–945 BCE). However, the project has shown that the phenomenon is more widespread. Julie will complete investigation of the original technology and physical evidence of recycling of the Museum’s Middle Kingdom (c.2010–1650 BCE) coffins. This work aims to place coffins more precisely in the social, cultural and religious contexts of this period and will contribute to developing related study of reuse of funerary and non-funerary material culture at all periods of Egyptian history.

  2. Cartonnage is a free-standing moulded material, made of layers of linen, glue and plaster, that was in use in Egypt from at least the Middle Kingdom. The project has shown that a complex structure overlying a 7th century BCE coffin in the collection resembles a ‘true’ cartonnage mummy case of the Third Intermediate Period (1070–735 BCE) but moulded onto a wooden carcass. Numerous variants of this previously unstudied phenomenon have now been observed in other collections. This strand of work will investigate further the technological development and properties of cartonnage and this ‘pseudo-cartonnage’. By establishing a framework of production and use, these materials can be contrasted, enabling evaluation of constructional function as well as religious/social significance.

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