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Modifications terminology

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This is a preliminary list of words that may be used to describe modifications to coffins (and other ancient Egyptian artefacts), with preliminary suggested definitions to aid in distinguishing between the ways they are used.

Acts of modification


Something which is added or joined to another thing


The action or process of making something greater in number, size, or degree


The action or process of defacing; the fact or state of being defaced; a disfigurement


(This also appears under Results of modification)
The action of adding, or adding to, decoration or adornment


The action of making something, esp. a text or image, imperfect by excision or destruction of one or more of its parts


The act of cutting something again (particularly something made of stone) in order to change its shape or design, or an image or text on it


The act, process or result of returning something to its (supposed) original condition


The action or process of working something again (in various senses); also the product of such action


A second or further use of something

Intentions and results of modification


An altered or amended version of something, especially something created for a particular purpose, with the purpose of making it suitable for a new use (in a modern context often used, for example in relation to a text or a musical composition)


Taking something as one’s own or to one’s own use: this might be the purpose of an underlying modification


(This also appears under Actions of modification above)
The effect of making something more attractive through adding, or adding to, decoration or adornment


The assigning of something to a different person, a different place, a different purpose, a different category, etc.


See Adaptation/repurposing above


The taking/seizing of something (usually property) by force and/or without authority

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