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The Food Bank at Wisbech Baptist Church

On June 12, 2019 the Pop-Up Egyptian coffins project brought their research to the Wisbech Baptist Church where every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (during specified hours) The Trussell Trust run a food bank. Based on a coupon system, people in need can come into the church for basic provisions and non-perishable items. In 2018, the Wisbech Food Bank gave 3006 emergency food supplies to people in need.

Our Pop-Up was located inside the main entrance of the church, which meant we were able to capture people coming and going. However, since the food bank was open between 2.00-4.00pm on the day of our Pop-Up, there was very low traffic (as we expected) before 2.00pm. To help counteract this, we also enticed people to come in from the street.

Even though the visitors to the food bank didn’t interact with the Pop-Up as much as we hoped (most people appeared to come in very focused and with a clear mission of obtaining their food items), our presence still made an impression on approximately 20 people. One recurring theme of conversation which did come up at the food bank, which we have not really experienced elsewhere, was knife-crime - prompted by our replica tool display, which features a replica pull saw. In each instance, visitors commented that the pull saw was similar to the type of weapon some youths have been seen carrying in the area.

We would like to thank Reverend Kevin Newton for his support and kind help in facilitating our visit.

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