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Fragments belonging to three different unknown individuals

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Object numbers: E.W.78, E.W.95 and E.W.96

Descriptions: These three pieces of wood clearly come from Middle Kingdom coffins, and may have originated in the excavations of John Garstang at Beni Hasan, although that no record of their acquisition has survived.


This rectangular piece of wood measures 46.8 cm x 24.3 cm x 2 cm. Remains of two vertical columns of inscription survive and indicate that part of the head end from a box coffin, probably of the Middle Kingdom.

The panel is marked “W-78” in black ink in two places: on the painted side, and on a short edge.

There are pinkish white powdery residues of a plaster-like paste on the surface. The panel has 8 dowel holes that are visible from the painted side. Along one edge, the three dowel holes still have dowels in them. Tool markings are visible on the painted side.


This rectangular wooden panel comes from either the headend or the footend of a box coffin, probably of Middle Kingdom date. Five dowel holes are visible, one of which still has a dowel present.

The panel measures 66.7 cm x 19.4 cm x 2.1 cm.


This is a rectangular piece of wood, almost certainly from a Middle Kingdom box coffin. Traces of vertical columns of hieroglyphs survive at either end of the panel.

Measurements to come.

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