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Nakht (male)

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Object number: E.216.1903

Description: All that has survived of this coffin are two long planks from the bottom of each long side. They originally formed part of a Middle Kingdom box coffin, dated by Wolfram Grajetzki to the mid- to late 12th Dynasty (about 1985-1750 BC).

The coffin was found at Beni Hasan by John Garstang in 1903, but it is not clear which tomb it comes from. Wolfram Grajetzki suggests it was from tomb 135. The decoration shows what is known as a palace facade, thought to indicate that the dead person inside was a form of Osiris, who was considered the king of the underworld and thus needed to be housed in a royal enclosure. The name of the coffin owner, Nakht, survives in several places.

Measurements: 2.17 m x 0.12 m x 0.02 m and 2.16 m x 0.13 m x 0.02 m

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