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Gilded cartonnage mask

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Object name: Gilded cartonnage mask

Accession no.: E.GA.290.1949

Other numbers and markings: “R.G. Gayer-Anderson Loan Collection, 1917 IX M.2 [crossed out] 70” paper label, “E290/49” in ink, “C. Dynasty XXVI 800 BC” in pencil, Arabic symbols in ink

Dimensions: H 16.3 cm W 14.8 cm D 0.2 cm

Brief description:

A mummy mask, partly gilded. The mask comes from a set of cartonnage pieces that would have been placed on a mummy.

Date: Twenty-sixth Dynasty

Further dating information

Find spot: Unknown

Further find spot information

Acquisition: Given by R.G. Gayer-Anderson

Further acquisition information

Construction, decoration and materials:

Basic info: JD will do

Further information about construction, decoration and materials

Other information

Conservation treatments


Other images

Gilded cartonnage mask

Reverse of the mask

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