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Anthropoid coffin of Userhet

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Object name: Anthropoid coffin of Userhet

Accession no.: E.88.1903

Other numbers and markings: tbd

Dimensions: H 182.4 cm

W 42.1 cm

D 33.2 cm

Brief description:

An anthropoid coffin found inside a decorated rectangular coffin.

The coffin decoration shows Userhet prepared for burial, as if the coffin itself is meant to perform the function of the white linen wrappings around his body and the mask over his face. Like earlier mummies, this coffin lay on its side, so that the eyes were close to the eyes painted on the outside of the rectangular coffin. Userhet’s face is painted black, a colour associated with Osiris, and the line of inscription down his front identifies him with that god, beginning ‘O Osiris, warrior Userhet’. The title ‘warrior’ is not common at this period and was not used for others buried in this cemetery; it may signify Userhet’s status locally rather than being a military title. The rest of the text, like that on the coffin of Nakht, calls on Nut to spread herself over him. The decoration on Userhet’s chest represents a broad collar of coloured beads, a feature that occurs on many later coffins.

Date: c. 1855–1790 BC

Middle Kingdom

Late Twelfth Dynasty

Further dating information

Find spot: Beni Hasan, tomb 132

Further find spot information

Acquisition: Given by the Beni Hasan Excavation Committee.

Construction, decoration and materials:

Other information


Anthropoid coffin of Userhet

Detail of the face

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