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Object name:


Accession no.: E.71e.1903

Other numbers and markings: tbd

Dimensions: H 25 cm W 29 cm D 23.6 cm

Brief description:

Model of a granary: a square building with steps leading up to a platform. Two men prepare to lift a sack each: one man carries a sack up the steps; two men sit in the corners of the building - one is a scribe with writing board and palette on his knee. Plastered wood, painted yellow, red-brown (flesh), white and black. One man wears a cloth garment.


c. 2010-1950 BC

Twelfth Dynasty

Middle Kingdom

Further dating information

Find spot: Beni Hasan

Further find spot information

Acquisition: Given by The Beni Hasan Excavation Committee

Further acquisition information

Construction, decoration and materials:

Basic info: JD will do

Further information about construction, decoration and materials

Other information

Conservation treatments


Other images

Model of a granary

Model of a granary from above

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